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Survive the Apocalypse in ‘Zombie Faction’

You knew this day would come.  Zombies are here, and the world as we know it is gone.

Survive the apocalypse in Zombie Faction, our new action strategy game.

Build your own shelter, and turn it into a safe place for living. Find survivors, and convince them to join you. Together you will be

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Live a Great Adventure with Our New RPG Strategy Game ‘Heroes of Rings’

Heroes of Rings Banner

We are pleased to announce our latest game, and RPG Strategy Adventure: Heroes of Rings.

Heroes of Rings is a an adventure/RPG game that will put players in the middle of an incredible fantastic world, where the evil has come back to destroy the Pillars of Creation, the foundations of the world. Wake up

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Don’t Lose Your Game: Save Your Account in the Cloud

When you are a gamer, one of your greatest fears is to lose your progress. All of us have experienced things like this in our gamer life. A savegame that does not want to load, a character that was deleted by a vindictive brother, or a game that is lost because someone disconnects your

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