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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Dungeon Legends

Chinese armor

We ‘re hoping that you enjoyed a lot the Chinese New Year! We want to celebrate this festivity with Dungeon Legends players and that’ s why we have created a new, and exclusive set.

This new set is called “Sun Tzu armor” , in honor of the great Chinese general, and philosopher. The items of this armor will help players to become the strongest dwarfs in the dungeons

In Dungeon Legends, you can fight with a lot of different

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Behind Zombie Faction: Meet the Survivors (2)

As you know, we introduced four Zombie Faction survivors a few days ago. Those characters have great abilities to fight against the zombies. However, there are more survivors in the game, and each one, as you may imagine, with a unique and powerful skill.

Today, we would like to talk about four new survivors

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Zombie Faction: The First Legendary Zombie

In Zombie Faction, besides fighting or rescuing other survivors, you have to face zombies.

The last version of the game introduced a new game mode, a PvE event called “bussy night” . In this events, players have to defend themselves from the waves of sombies that will attack them. This is the first time they

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