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Survive the Apocalypse in ‘Zombie Faction’

You knew this day would come.  Zombies are here, and the world as we know it is gone. Survive the apocalypse in Zombie Faction, our new action strategy game. Build your own shelter, and turn it into a safe place for living. Find survivors, and convince them to join you. Together you will be able …Read More

[GDC 2014] Unity 5.0 Announced, Unreal Engine Wants Indie Developers

The Game Developer Conference brought some good news for indie developers. Unity introduced a new version of its video game framework and Epic Games announced a change in the license fee of Unreal engine, a change made with indie developers in mind. Unity 5.0 was announced by Unity CEO, David Helgason. New version comes with …Read More

Mobile World Congress 2014: Nokia Introduces Android to Microsoft

We all knew that Samsung would introduce a new Galaxy S during the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. The Korean company usually choose this event to announce its best smartphone. The Galaxy S5 is better than the S4 (of course) and it includes some new features like the integrated fingerprint scanner. There was no …Read More

Success killed Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird has become one of the most amazing games of all times. It is not because of its gameplay or art. Neither the story, nor the graphics. Flappy Bird won its place in the video games history due to an unbelievable marketing campaign that no one started.

The In-App Purchases Debate

Last week, EA released Dungeon Keeper for iOS and Android. The game is a remake of the classic dungeon defense but it is designed as a freemium game. Some players (and video game critics) didn’t like the  free2play approach EA implemented in the game. In fact, some people think that the in-app purchases are killing …Read More

Week Recap: Candy Crush, Psychology of Social Games and Nintendo on Smartphones

Candy Crush Dilemma Some developers are really angry with King. The company has trademark the word ‘candy’ in the US, so they can eliminate from the mobile stores any videogame with that word in the title. King say that they are just trying to protect its work., but some people do not buy the King …Read More

Codigames 2013

2013, probablemente uno de los años mas importantes de nuestra vida como empresa y como estudio de desarrollo de videojuegos. Miro con alegría los pasos y cosas que se han conseguido con la ayuda y esfuerzo de grandes personas, pero sobre todo de nuestros jugadores. Cuando empezó el año tuvimos claro que queríamos cambiar el …Read More