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Dungeon Legends – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any question about Dungeon Legends? Please, take a look to these Frequently Asked Questions

How are trophies calculated?

The trophies you can win or lose in a battle depend on the trophies you have, and your enemie's trophies.

You can win more trophies if your enemy has more trophies than you, but you will only win a few trophies if the other dwarf has less trophies than you. Let us show you an example*.

Imagine you have 1,700 trophies, and your enemy has only 1,200 trophies. If you win, you will get 5 trophies, but, if you lose, you will lose 20 trophies.

*The numbers we use here do not represent exactly how the calculation is made in the game.

Why should I connect the game to Google Play, Game Center or Facebook?

Connecting your account to one of those social networks will activate the cloud saving feature.

Once you connect your account, you will be able to recover it if you uninstall the game, or reset your device. In order to do this, create a new account, complete the tutorial, and connect the new account to the same Game Center, Google Play or Facebook account you connected your old account.

I deleted the game, and I DID NOT connected it to Facebook, Game Center nor Google Play. Can I still recover my account?

Yes! Contact us, and we will help you recover your account.

I bought some gems, but I did not receive them! What can I do?

The purchase could take up to 24 hours to appear in the game. However, if you did not receive them after 1 hour, send us a message, and we will help you with that.

Please, do not forget to include your name in the game, the in-app you bought and the transaction ID (you can find it in the confirmation email from iTunes Store or Google Play).

It is really important you include all this information. It will help us to find the purchase.

Can I change the name of my dwarf?

We are sorry, but currently it is not possible to change the name of your dwarf.

The game is good, but I would like to play with other characters like elfs or humans.

The heros of Dungeon Legends are the Dwarfs, and we do not plan to add new heros in the short term.

Fine, no new races, but What about new classes?

Dungeon Legends is designed in a way you do not need to create different characters to explore all the game can offer.

The skills system gives players the opportunity to set up their own class. You can turn your Dwarf into a warrior, healer, or protector by choosing the skills before each game.

Why am I having connection issues if my Internet connection works fine?

When playing an online game, it is important you use a good Internet connection.

Having all WiFi bars, or perfect data coverage when using 3G/4G connection does not guarantee a solid connection to play online games. There are some other elements that may cause connection issues like the apps running in background in your device, the network load, or the connection between your Internet provider and the servers.

Furtheremore, you may experience connection issues while playing in moving vehicles or in underground public transport.

We recommend playing over WiFi with a dependable Internet service provider, or a solid 3G/4G connection with a reliable carrier.

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