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Hotel Empire Tycoon – Tips & Tricks

Hotel Empire Tycoon is a little bit harder than other simulation games. We welcome you to this challenging game!

Here you could find some guidelines which could be useful to enhance your gaming experience: 

I can’t build more rooms!

To build new rooms or new services, you could either tap on the manager’s office, or in the lower-right corner button. An exclamation mark will appear in both places when you have enough money to expand your hotel. 

My hotel never gets 5 stars!

If you don’t achieve the five-star rating at your hotel, double-check ALL your services and rooms objects, such as parking slots, restaurant tables, hire all the employees available, etc. Once you fully upgrade the hotel, you will get five stars. Objects paid with gems won’t affect this progress.  

My earnings are too low…

We recommend you to start little by little reinvesting your money in basic furniture in all your rooms, like nightstands or TVs. Don’t waste your little progress on huge investments!

What? The staff is not coming again! 

Try not to spend all your money, if you have hired employees for any service. If you don’t have enough money to pay them after their working shift, they will resign. 

Why are my clients angry? 

Take in mind that clients would get angry if they have to wait too long for a service. For example, chefs or bartenders could attend two people simultaneously. Be careful with this, and observe if you need more employees or not. If too many people get angry, it’s time to hire someone! Unfortunately, angry clients would leave their rooms, or won’t enjoy any service for the whole day.

Check-in time is over, and some rooms are empty!

Your rooms have to be clean if you want to occupy them with new visitors, so you should manage wisely your housekeepers. Check your service dialog window to find the working capacity of your staff. 

Check your marketing campaigns if you need more potential clients, and become popular in town at a fair price.

I can’t buy an item!

This is probably because your hotel needs more power. Every hotel has an electrical room with a power generator and batteries. Upgrade them to increase the electricity supply so you can buy more power-consuming items. 

We hope you could enjoy the game a little bit more with these tips 🙂

If you need further info, or if you have any purchase issue, please contact our support team

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