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Idle Life Sim – Tips & Tricks

Welcome to Idle Life Sim! Are you ready to take control of new life?

Here you could find some guidelines which could be useful to enhance your gaming experience:

Can I change my avatar’s look?

You will be able to change your avatars’ appearance as many times as you want by tapping on the hairdryer icon (upper-left corner icons). There you could find hairstyles, faces, and outfits, as well as some accessories. Tap on the face icon in this same section to switch menus.

I want to choose a new career!

When you start a new life with an avatar, this feature could not be reversed, but you will have a new opportunity to create new avatars thanks to the «Multiverse» skill.

How can I unlock Multiverses? 

Once you unlock “Multiverse” in one of your avatars’ skills list (briefcase icon), you will be able to create a new character. You could create a new life with a new career by tapping on the upper-right corner icon with two small heads and two arrows. For the time being, you will be able to unlock up to 4 avatars with different professional careers: ART, TECH, GASTRONOMY, or SPORTS. 

How can my avatars earn more money?  

Job promotions are located in your avatar’s skill list. Tap on the briefcase icon (lower-right corner icons) and upgrade your skills by investing your savings wisely. Some of those skills will also increase your income.

At the bottom of this list, you will find the description and the pending requirements for the next job, as well as your salary raise. Promotions and certain skills will increase your income per hour

Furniture and decoration? Tell me more!

If you tap on the trolley with boxes (lower-right corner icons), you enter the decoration shop. There you could find different furniture that will provide a specific number of little crowns, which are useful to level your avatar up. Every object will add crowns to your status counter, but those related to your career will add the double! 

There are different sets of furniture apart from those related to your avatars’ careers. Explore the decoration shop and find your favorites.

To place furniture in your house tap on the armchair icon. Slide sideways to see the whole inventory. You can’t sell objects, but you could decide to place them in a room or not. They will remain in your inventory just in case you need them one day.

If you buy wallpapers or new floors, you will find them tapping on the tabs located in the inventory dialog window. They don’t provide extra status crowns, but they give a stylish touch to your house.

All your furniture will travel with you to new houses.

How can I level up? 

Next to upper-left corner icons, you will find a progress wheel with a number inside. That’s your status (or level) indicator.

Remember that all your furniture will provide crowns to increase your status. The more crowns you collect, the higher level you get. But, take in mind that these crowns of status will only be applied to your character when the furniture is placed in your house. 

Your status (or level) will also increase thanks to upgrading some of the skills available during your professional career (briefcase icon).  Read the descriptions carefully to know which skills are the best ones for your growth strategy.

I want to move to a bigger house!

If you tap on the house icon (upper-left corner icons), you could check the next locations.

Don’t forget to check if you accomplish the requirements to move to the next house (level and money). 

I have a mentor active but my x2 ad campaign is still available? 

The temporary x2 ad campaign is still available even when you have your mentor active in your game. Please look for your mentor on the bench in front of your house. If it’s there, you are receiving permanent double profits automatically in all the ingame features of this avatar. It is compatible with the limited time doubler. 

Are my mentors or impersonator robots working for all four avatars? 

Each avatar would need its own mentor and its own robot since they are doing different careers. No-more-ads pack will work in all the multiverses. 

We hope you could enjoy the game a little bit more with these tips 🙂

If you need further info, or if you have any purchase issue, please contact our support team

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