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Infinity Space reaches 500,000 downloads

Infinity Space downloads

A few months ago, we wrote about the numbers of Infinity Space. The game reached 350,000 download in its first year in the stores.

Today, we are very proud to announce that Infinity Space reached 500,000 downloads. Yes, that means 150,000 downloads in just three months!

Since it was launched on 6th March 2013, more than 2.2 million games have been played. Many of them have been played on Android, because the game is really popular among Android users. 80 % of the downloads comes from Google Play.

Every day, almost 10,000 users open the game. Infinity Space is very popular in United Kingdom, USA, and Rusia. In UK is one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play. Currently it is in the top-500 list in that country.

Some of you have asked for new planets, ships or even new features like including misiles. We take all the feedback into account for the next big update. But, for now, we are working in a new version with minor bug fixes. You will see it online soon.

Come with us to the million downloads and beyond!

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One Response to "Infinity Space reaches 500,000 downloads"

  • Maxim
    30 julio, 2014 - 0:16

    Ваша игра просто впечатляет, хочется играть в неё и дальше, но в самой игре очень много багов! Она просто вылетает по окончании игры если разбился. Очень хочется продолжения развития этой игры!!! Я согласен купить её если игра будет стабильной и даже не один раз! Разработчики, пожалуйста, сделайте игру захватывающей и стабильной!!!
    С уважением Максим.