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Job Opening: Senior Game Designer

Professional, passionate about video games, problem solver, proactive, team worker, rigorous, with leadership skills and detail oriented. You are smart, creative and practical at the same time. And of course, you are a gamer. Games are your first and your last thought every day.

This position offers a great chance to work in a young team of talented developers, artists and product managers towards a new social hit game.

  • Great sense for what makes our games fun to play, whether its systems, features or contents.
  • Come-up with new feature ideas which will increase user experience, engagement and monetization.
  • Transform high-level ideas into detailed and well thought-out concepts.
  • Leading the game since the prototyping and making the whole follow-up.
  • Conceptualize, create and maintain detailed game design documentation throughout the project cycle
  • Stay up to date on the state of the industry, trends and inspirational games (new game genres, new game design methods, and emerging platforms).


  • Working in a startup with an amazing growth projection
  • Open work environment, with dynamic people, passionate about videogames
  • Being part of small teams, where your opinion will be taken into account. You will help to decide which project the team will work on.
  • Living in Valencia, a modern Mediterranean city with great weather, full of kind people.

SALARY: Negotiable.

We have a dream at Codigames. Would you help us to make it possible? Send your application to jobs@codigames.com

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