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Behind Zombie Faction: New characters

New characters are arriving to the city! You already know the bomberman and the samuraiand their amazing powers. Now it ‘s the turn of this strong characters:

Our Iceman is a canadian super star from «Mooses with Big Antlers» or, in Latin «Alces Magnis Cornibus». Unfortunale, her fans are now Zombies. Our survivor performs quick attacks in close combat and he will attack the first ranged enemy in the room. If there is no ranged one, he will attack the first enemy.

The sniper,  Mei Ling, commander of the SASCF (Special and Secret Chinese Forces), she was a fucking legend, with more than 200 successful missions. This survivor performs a headshot, dealing a brutal amount of damage.

O’ Connor is our terminator. When the entire world goes to hell, first thing you do is search for a leather jacket, a motorcycle and sunglasses. That ‘s what you do if you are this cool. His minigun shreds through tankier characters, but is less effective agains groups of enemies. O’ Connor concentrates fire of his minigun to a

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Dungeon Legends: Meet the pets

portada pets

Dungeon Legends has a lot of pets to discover, they are the perfect partner to our dwarf. Pets can be found in the store or you can get them in free daily packs. All pets increase our heros ‘ attributes and have a unique skill that will help our dwarfs in battle. Some of them will increase the strength of our characters, but others will drain the mana of your adversary.

Do you want to know more about some of the Dungeon Legends companions?

Poison Wings, our dragon, with a special power named «Foul Stench». The target of an attack suffers damage point/sec for x seconds. If your intelligence is a higher percentage than your opponent, the target’ s movement speed is reduced.

Storm, a monkey that has an amazing skill, «the Thunderstorm» , where every

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Heroes of Rings: Meet the Heroes

Meet the heroes

Heroes of Rings, as you may know, is a turn-based RPG driven by a compelling hero collection structure and unique battle system.

There are more than 45 heroes available, and we would like to introduce you some of these amazing heroes that you can play with. Each character is bounded to an element, which gives him

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