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Don’t Lose Your Game: Save Your Account in the Cloud

When you are a gamer, one of your greatest fears is to lose your progress. All of us have experienced things like this in our gamer life. A savegame that does not want to load, a character that was deleted by a vindictive brother, or a game that is lost because someone disconnects your

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Behind Dungeon Legends: Weapons

In previous articles, we talked about the main character of Dungeon Legend, the dwarf.

Dwarfs are armed with awesome weapons, from the most real hammer to the most magical sword. These weapons made our characters stronger, and they will be key to become the best dwarf in the dungeons.

We added three types of weapons: swords,

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Behind Lords & Castles: Leaders

Leaders are one of the biggest acttraction of Lords & Castles. We can use them to improve our attack power in the battles or to build the perfect defense. In essence, they are the key for many battles. That’s why the choice of them is so important.

The main leaders were elected by historic importance. We consider

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