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Prison Empire Tycoon – Tips & Tricks

Welcome to Prison Empire Tycoon! Take control of a prison and make money rehabilitating prisoners all over the world!

Here you could find some guidelines which could be useful to enhance your gaming experience:

I can’t open a new prison!

You will be able to open a new prison after reaching a specific number of rehabilitated prisoners in the previous prisons (eg. “Total Rehabilitated Prisoners: 10000”). However, you should take into account other secondary requirements

Next to the “OPEN” button, you could find messages like “Requires 7200 reformed Prisoners in Williamson Federal Prison”.

That means that you should reform 10000 prisoners in total, but 7200 of them should be reformed in Williamson’s. 

I have no prisoners! Is this normal? 

The intermittent flow of prisoners could affect your prison income temporarily. Arrivals and exits are designed to have a permanent workflow in your prison, but your cells don’t need to be full at the same time to succeed. 

You don’t have to worry if you spend some in-game hours with income losses, or with an empty module. This will change relatively quickly, and you will recover your income flow soon. All the prisoners’ checkouts will provide enough money to balance your profit and loss account during these hard moments. 

If you are aware of this possibility, your strategy will be more efficient if you try to save some extra money in times of prosperity.

I can’t get medium and high-security prisoners!

Your prison must have more than one sector since prisoners will be separated into low, medium, and high-security sectors. The first level only has one, but you will find new areas after the second prison.  

Once you could open prisons with more than one sector, you will be able to build cell modules and prison services for different types of prisoners.

When you open a new sector in your prison, the bus will randomly bring these types of prisoners, and they will be located in the proper prison sector.

Premium cards? Special characters? Tell me more!

Your prisons will be more exciting thanks to permanent upgrades and characters that will bring new stats. You can spend some gems in buying the basic, advanced, or expert chests

They will randomly provide a certain number of fragments that will unlock and level up some of the permanent features. Some of them will only be available after a specific prison, but once you unlock a card, it will work in all your levels. 

To find these cards, tap on the card’s icon, right side icon on your playing screen. If you touch the different cards, you could see the different enhancements that they provide. There you will find a Get Cards button on the lower part of the screen.

How can I control the riots and escape attempts? 

Riots and escape plans occur when your prisoners are not properly attended. Some of their needs could require more assistance. You can improve their stats by upgrading objects in cells, improving the courtyard, building more showers, etc. Pay attention to the dialog windows and object descriptions to change your strategy: each in-game feature provides different improvements in your overall stats. Don’t forget to hire the proper amount of employees according to the number of prisoners your prison could attend.

However, riots or escape attempts could happen randomly, or provoked by your special prisoners, who will bring some instability thanks to their leadership skills. You need to make sure that your premises are well guarded and attended during the growth process. Sometimes these things happen!

Who are those special prisoners? 

Your prison is now in danger! The State will bring you randomly some prisoners that may cause some troubles in your facilities. 

Tap on the prisoners’ button, lower-right corner icons on your playing screen, and then tap on the red skull button to know more about them. 

You certainly need to improve your prisons according to their stats.

How can I use my gems? Can I use them to get special cards?

You can triplicate your offline earnings using gems when you open the game. 

You could also use gems to skip construction times when you want to build a new area in your prison. Just select the area that you would like to build and start the construction work. Then, the game will allow you to pay with gems to instantly have your new building.

Moreover, gems can be used to buy chests (tap on the card’s icon, right side icon on your playing screen) and obtain epic cards. They will bring permanent upgrades to your prisons and special characters. Read carefully their descriptions!

I don’t have enough energy or enough water to build a new area!

All the prison buildings and services will consume a certain amount of energy and water units. You can see the power and water counter at the top of your playing screen. 

Pay attention to the new objects, services, and building dialog windows to find how many units of power or water they would need to work. If your game states that there is not enough energy or water, tap on the counters or explore the map to find the electricity room and the water pump station. 

If a counter indicates something similar to 130/130, that means that it is full, and it needs to be upgraded.

Can I transfer money from one prison to another? 

Each level has its own economy. Money won’t be transferred between prisons.

The Government was looking for a competitive manager able to make prisons grow starting from scratch, and we are sure that you will do a great job. 

We will forward your feedback regarding this feature to the team so they can take it into consideration, but please take in mind that the main point of the game is to advance into more challenging prisons, so this money shouldn’t be so relevant. With your previous experience, you will be able to succeed at higher levels!

The game says that I don’t have enough builders!

If you have builders hired, you don’t have to worry about the Not Enough Builders warning. The dialog window indicates the status of the construction work in real-time. That means that your constructors are on the way from the builders’ room, or from other construction work. 

Once they get there, the warning will change into the specific number of builders working on it, and you could also see the remaining time for this specific building. The more builders you have, the quicker they finish the construction. 

If builders are working in one building, they will automatically go to other construction works after finishing, so you can open simultaneous building projects. 

My prisoners are having low stats when I enter the game or switch between prisons!

Your prisoners’ stats when you open your game will be directly affected by your staff hired before you had left the game. You would need to adjust your growth strategy accordingly. If your prisoners have health rates very low when you go back into the game, make sure that you hire more doctors or upgrade food servings, for example.

Take in mind your special prisoners (tap on the prisoners’ button, lower-right corner icons on your playing screen, and then tap on the red skull button to know more about them). They could directly affect your prisoners’ mood!

 Cooks and janitors sometimes don’t do their job when I enter the game or switch between prisons!

Animations will stop working when you close the game, but you don’t have to worry about your offline earnings because you will be earning the proper amount according to your current in-game progress.

However, the game needs to restart animations from a specific spot and some prison services could be affected by a temporary loss of productivity: for example, if you enter the game during lunchtime, this meal could be lost and prisoners should wait until the next one. This could happen with other services, but the game is fully tested and these temporary inconveniences are known and expected, and they will be solved in a few minutes of gameplay. 

Please remember that your offline progress won’t be affected by this visual restart. 

The team is still refining this feature to give you the best possible gaming experience.

My stats don’t grow after upgrading objects in my cells!

Please make sure that there were prisoners assigned to the cells that you had upgraded. The dialog window will inform you about the new price, but this amount will only be added to your income flow when the cell is occupied by 2 prisoners. 

Please also take in mind that you will receive your money divided into hours, so some of these upgrades could seem imperceptible. However, if the upgrade took place, this money should be added to your final earnings.

Sometimes it could take some time until the server updates this information.

We hope you could enjoy the game a little bit more with these tips 🙂

If you need further info, or if you have any purchase issue, please contact our support team

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