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Super Idle Cats – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any question about Super Idle Cats? Please, take a look to these Frequently Asked Questions

Golden Hoe is Not Working

The Golden Hoe is a very useful item in Super Idle Cats because it allows you to grow fruits in all your farms at the same time by tapping only in one of them.

If you have the banana farm, and your tomato farm, you can grow fruits in both farms just by tapping on the tomato crops, or in the banana crops.

Take in mind that the Golde Hoe works on different farms, not in different crops. You still have to use more than one finger if you want to grow fruits faster in all your crops. The taps you do in one farm will also have effect in the rest of your farms.

You can see how the Golden Hoe works in the left corner of the screen. There, you will see the multiplier for all your fruits.

I made a purchase, but I did not receive the item! What can I do?

The purchase could take up to 24 hours to appear in the game. However, if you did not receive them after 1 hour, send us a message, and we will help you with that. The best way to contact our support team is using the in-game option. You can find it in the settings menu.

If you have an iOS device, please, send us the specific receipt of your purchase. You can find it in the confirmation email iTunes sends or in your iTunes History Purchase (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204088)

If your purchased the pack in an Android device, send us a screenshot of the specific receipt. Please be sure the transaction ID appears there. It looks like this GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345 You can find all your purchases made on Google Play in your Google Payments account: https://payments.google.com

It is really important you include all this information. It will help us to find the purchase.

How do the upgrades work? I did a research that gives me +25% earnings, but my earnings per second were not increased +25%

Let's say you are generating 1.000 gold per second, and you upgrade "Organic fertilizer" research, in Tier 1, to 975 %.

You will earn 1.000 + (1.000 * 975 %) = 10.750 gold/s

If you upgrade that research up to 1.000 % the new gold per second will be: 1.000 + (1.000 * 1.000 %) = 11.000 gold/s

The +25% extra is applied to your earning base, not to your current gold per second.

The calculation changes when you combine upgrade from different tiers. Let's say you upgrade now the "Packaged fruit" research in Tier 2 that gives you +25 % earnings.

Your current earnings after applying the Tier 1 upgrades are: 11.000 gold/s which was calculated using the formula: (1.000 + (1.000 * 1.000 %) ). Let's call this: "Tier 1 Earnings"

Whith the Tier 2 upgrade we just did, your earnings per second will be:

Tier 1 Earnings + (Tier 1 Earnings * 25%) = 13.750

How can I get Arcane Seed in Super Idle Cats?

Currently it is possible to get Arcane Seeds by purchasing them in the in-app store.

You can also get them by completing the missions, and challanges.

There will be more options to get them in the future.

I have lost all my progress!!!

As a farmer cat, your mission is to grow more and better fruits. As you gain money, you will be able to discover new fruits, and evolve.

You start growing regular tomatoes, but soon you will discover a new one (spoiler alert!) the super tasty tomato. When you evolve from the regular tomato to the tasty one, you will start over. Cats will remove all your plants, so you can start growing super tasty tomatoes. The research building will change, and now cats will do their research on the super tasty tomatoes.

You may think that this is a step back, but it is a good thing! The new tomato is always more valuable than the previous one, so we would recomend you to update the fruit as soon as you can.

There is another thing that can restart your farm.

Super Idle Cats works very similar to other incremental games, where you can do "prestige". You renounce to your current progress, in order to obtain some valuable item that will boost your gains.

You can sell your current farm and obtain Infinity Seeds. Each Infinity Sedd will add +10% to your earnings, but, in order to obtain them, you will have to give your farm away. You will start a new farm,b ut, thanks to the Infinity Seeds, you will gain money faster than before.

How can I use my Infinity Seeds?

Once you get your first Infinity Seeds, your farm will restart, and the Infinity Seeds will start working.

You do not have to do anything in order to activate your Infinity Seeds. They will start increasing your earnings the moment you get them.

Tapping in the crops does not work

Each time you tap in on a crop, the cats will plant some extra plants. If you continue tapping, you will see a multiplier on the left top of your screen, and a green bar.

The green bar is getting lower, and lower, until it is empty. This means the cats are tired, and you need to let them rest a few seconds.

I complete the quest, but the game does not give me my rewards

In order to complete a missions you have to reach the goal without any booster.

If you activate the x2 booster by watching some ads, you may reach the goal, but that does not count for the mission.

The game says a I need Quintillions, and I already have them, but it does not work

The game uses the following measures:


As you see, some of them start with the same letter.

In order to shorten them, we use only one letter, and this can cause some confusions.

We use "q" for quadrillions, and "Q" for Quintillions.

It is the same with sextillions ("s"), and Septillions ("S").

It happens again with Decillions ("d"), and Duodecillions ("D").

If the game is asking for Quintillions in order to unlock a new upgrade, check your current amount of money, because it it possible you have quadrillions.

How can I restart the game?

If you want to restart the game, uninstall it, and download it again.

However, if you have already connected the game to Google Play or Game Center, the game will restore your previous savegame if you connect the new game.

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