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Celebrate Halloween With a New Version of Empires of Sand

Empires of Sand Halloween

Halloween has arrived to Empires of Sand. The new update is dedicated to the most terrifiying night of the year and you will find new animations and enemy troops dressed up for this special ocasion.

This new update also comes with a new free game mode. Yes, a new one! Let us introduce you the challenges.

Each week, there will be available a challenge. A challenge takes place in one of the camapign scenarios but with certains configuration. For example, you have to complete the level with only 5 lives and only using one type of tower. Or maybe you can use any tower but only upgrade them up to level 2.

Challenges does not depend on your city level, so if you can only use archer towers up to level 5, you don’t need to have that tower unlocked in yout city. It is the same with spells. Also, the improvements in the laboratory are not used here. In summary, all player compete under equal conditions.

The challenge is reset every week on Thursday. When the challenge is reset, the top three players will receive gems as a reward.

You can dowload the new version from iTunes.

Happy Halloween!

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One Response to "Celebrate Halloween With a New Version of Empires of Sand"

  • Leonardo
    25 octubre, 2014 - 1:56

    Once upgraded stopped working