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Empires of Sand: The Soundtrack

Empires of Sand

A videogame about ancient Egypt deserves an epic soundtrack. We knew since the very first moment, that Empires of Sand needed great music. Songs with personality, that can live on their own. That’s why we chose Sonotrigger. They are specialized in videogame music and they have been nominee to the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and the Spanish National Video Game Industry Awards for their work in Supermagical.

Damián Sánchez, lead composer in Sonotrigger, have composed a soundtrack that puts players in Egypt with the first notes of the main song. Sánchez recognises that other films and videogames OST like The Mummy (composed by Jerry Goldsmith) have inspired the soundtrack. However, the Empires of Sand soundtrack it is unique.

«In comparison with other works, I think we have gone a setp forward in terms of music style», says Damián, «to do something close to the visual style was the easy choice. Find the middle point between the ‘cartoon’ style and the epicness was a challenge».

It took more than a month to complete the entire soundtrack. «The initial work took about two weeks. This includes creating the first melody, lengthening the theme and polishing things with the people at the record studio», explains Damián. The other weeks were dedicated to create the other songs that comes from the main them, which is the seed of all the soundtrack.

The soundtrack of Empires of Sand were recorded in the first place using a synthesizer. However, the composers wanted to create a unique music environment, so they recorded live instruments and added them to the songs.

The entire soundtrack can be downloaded from Bandcamp. It is also availabe in iTunes.

Empires of Sand is currently available in Canada and Spain through iTunes and Google Play. The game will be worldwide available on 26th June.

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