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Mobile World Congress 2014: Nokia Introduces Android to Microsoft

Nokia X

We all knew that Samsung would introduce a new Galaxy S during the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. The Korean company usually choose this event to announce its best smartphone. The Galaxy S5 is better than the S4 (of course) and it includes some new features like the integrated fingerprint scanner.

There was no surprise there. Yes, the new Samsung’s smartphone is amazing, but the rumorology guessed the specs correctly. Let’s be honest, everybody saw the S5 coming.

By contrast, Nokia came to the MWC2014 ready to surprise the market. The company was focused in the Windows Phone OS. Nokia showed its commitment with the Microsoft system years ago, and Microsoft answered buying the company. However, Nokia didn’t introduce new Windows Phones, they show the world three new Android smartphones.

The Nokia X series phones are cheap, low-end devices with a custom version of Android. In fact, there is no trace of Google services, Nokia has developed an Andorid fork that connects with Microsft services like Outlook and OneDrive.

«Nokia X gives people a gateway to Microsoft, which is a key part of our strategy and it represents a very deliberate strategy to leverage Microsoft services», said Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO.

«We have designed this line to compete directly with affordably-priced Android devices, and we believe Nokia X will win customers’ hearts because it features traditional, strong Nokia traits, and because it offers a unique selection of apps and services. It’s going to sell to tens of millions of people.»

Despite the Elop statements, it seems that Micrsoft is not happy with this new Android models. Nokia was the most important company that supported Windows Phone, but now is trying to enter the Android market with new smartphones and a new app store.

Finally we would like to bring some question up. Is the new Nokia X good for the market? Will developers support the Nokia App store for Android? Does it make sense for Nokia to get into the Android world?

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