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Schools of Magic is Now Available on the App Store

Schools of Magic banner

Schools of Magic is now availabe for free on the App Store. Since it is a game about wizards, it arrives precisely when he means to. And it comes ready to take you to a workd of fantasy, where wizards are never late.

The game gives the player the opportunity to become a mage, who decides to stablish his own school of magic. Besides he management of the school, he must travel around the world in order to finish with the four evil schools of magic, that hold the world in their tyrannical grasp with dark arts.

During their adventures, the players will be able to train and improve their wizard. Also, they will get powerful magic items. And that’s not all, they should build and develop their school of magic to gain access to new spells and items.

Schools of Magic comes with a campaign and a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer one allows players to fight other wizards in real-time through Internet. The campaign mode currently includes 10 different levels, but the adventures of our mage do not stop here! In the next weeks, we will include new zones, and there will be challenges each week.

Schools of Magic is available in Engilsh, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian

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