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More than 17 Million Games Played in The First Year of Empires of Sand

Empires of Sand

One year ago, we released Empires of Sand on iOS devices. Since then more than 17 million games has been played.

Almost half the games played in the last 12 months (45 %) are online matches. This proves the support players are giving to the Codigames’ bet for real-time multiplayer mobile games.

The most popular game mode, with more than five million games played, is the Epic Battle, where players fight in real-time battles over the Internet. The second game mode with more games played is the campaign. Here, players must visit several popular cities and places in the ancient Egypt and defeat the evil god Seth and his minions.

United States is the country with more Empires of Sand active players, followed by Spain and China. Among the countries with more players, we can also find France, United Kingdom and Canada.

“We are very proud of Empires of Sand, and very thankful to all players”, says Francisco Martínez, CEO of Codigames. “Our most important reward is seeing the game has a solid player base after one year. Players keep coming back to the game because they believe, as we do, in the online games. They know playing with your friends is the most funniest thing in the world.

Martínez also shares some details about Empires of Sand’s future: “In a few weeks, the game will receive an important update with a new feature that will make the multiplayer matches and the campaign even more funny”. And there are more things to come to Empires of Sand: “We will release new campaign levels for free, and, of course, we keep working to adapt the game to the new devices that will arrive to the market in the upcoming months.”

More than 1 million players have downloaded the game since its worldwide launch on July 2014. Apple featured the game as one of the Best New Games, and, recently, Apple included the game in a special section of the iTunes Store called “Made in Spain Games”. The game appeared under the section Fan’s Favourites.

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