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Tricks to grow at University Empire Tycoon

Tips & tricks to increase your earnings!

University Empire Tycoon challenges your patience and growth strategy, but you can start to boost your profits very soon. However, we have prepared these tricks for you because we don ‘t want you to miss a detail. Check them out!

Expand the Dean’ s building!

The first thing you have to do to increase your income is to level

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Idle Barber Shop Tycoon: Be the right hand of Mike Freshcut!

Mike ‘s barbershop has just opened! Ready to learn more about his life?

There’ s a new business in town… A barbershop? Another one? Oh my… There are like 2,000 barbershops in this same street! But… You know what? We have a good feeling for this owner. He has a very interesting background, and we want to know more about him and his friends. We are

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How to succeed at Prison Empire Tycoon

Tips & tricks to grow faster!

You can easily grow in Prison Empire Tycoon after some practice. However, sometimes you could feel that your progress is stuck. We are happy to share some tips that could help you achieve your goals and grow easier. Let’s go!

Pay attention to object descriptions!

Your prisons

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University Empire Tycoon: Your own campus in miniature!

Make your campus hit the books and become a renowned dean!

The day has come… Remember your welcome speech. Comb your hair one more time. Feed the cats, don ‘t forget! Is the official car ready? Yes, it is. Wait… Where are the accreditations? «University Empire Tycoon is proud to introduce our new dean»… Ok! You’ re all set!

Your credentials brought you here, so you don ‘t have to be nervous. You are ready to take the challenge and manage this campus from scratch to turn it into the most prestigious University! Your students are eager to welcome you!

But… Yeah. Of course. You need to take care of the economy of the university to expand your campus and hire the best professors. Your previous experience as an idle manager in other working fields will be essential to meet the projected goals. There are a lot of buildings waiting to be constructed and equipped! And don’ t forget to lead research studies if you want to make your university

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TV Empire Tycoon: The show actually goes on!

You decide what ‘s on TV tonight!

Take a deep breath and listen to the audience murmuring on the set behind the Iron Curtain. They are waiting for entertainment! TV Empire Tycoon gives you the great opportunity of running a TV station from scratch… Do you accept the commitment?

You will be proud of your humble origins as a TV manager once you could buy some new and bigger TV sets. But nothing is for free… Ready to work hard?

You will keep the audience in front of their televisions with fancy shows, rigorous journalists, reputable actors and actresses, and polemic collaborators. The better you manage your TV station, the more famous celebrities will want to work with you. The phone will never stop ringing!

Every decision you make will affect your growth strategy. It’ s time to study your business and make it grow! You must be ready to deal with celebrities, but also need to be the perfect boss to all your staff. They will need the perfect environment to be efficient, and that ‘s part of your work. We never said that would be an easy job! Be patient, put away your fears, and move up in the world thanks to your great TV shows.

But you won’ t be alone on this journey… Your copywriters have

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Prison Empire Tycoon: Alien Invasion Fortnightly Event

Time to beat some alien up!

You thought that your job was already under control, didn ‘t you? Well, in Prison Empire Tycoon surprises do not end: we are surrounded by an alien army! Humanity is in danger, and we need the toughest people to fix this up. Ready?

You may be wondering: Why me? The answer is easier than you think: The Government is looking for recruits of questionable reputation to fight back against this alien invasion, and you are the most influential prison manager around here. They want you to train war soldiers against the clock. If you want some extra profits, you better say yes to this offer!

But, you won’ t be alone in this epic challenge. Other prison managers around the Globe will also organize their own army against aliens. The Government has displayed a prize list to award the best performances. High leaders have always

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Idle Theme Park Tycoon: Fairy Park is here!

Feel the magic in the weekly Fairy Park event!

Can you see those lights floating in the air? Idle Theme Park Tycoon presents Fairy Park! A time-limited challenge that will show up in the game every week. Visitors will be queueing for hours to see your new park!

Our VIP investor had a

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Idle Police Tycoon: Keep law and order in your district!

The neighborhood is waiting for the proper Police chief!

Remember that day when the telephone rang in the middle of the night. Your partner was sleeping beside you and, without taking off the sleep mask, asked: «who’s calling?» – «Unknown number, honey.» That day, Idle Police Tycoon needed you, and they are waiting for your

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How to make more money in Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Tips to grow faster!

You can advance in Idle Theme Park Tycoon very fast after some practice. However, sometimes you could feel that your business is stuck. We are happy to share some tips that could help you achieve your goals. Let’s go!

Complete the tiers and get higher multipliers!

When upgrading a

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Prison Empire Tycoon: Iron Fortress Fortnightly Event

Do you dare to manage a hellhole full of dangerous inmates?

We have heard about your excellent prison management… And we need your services on a special mission! The Government ordered us to reform as many inmates as possible in the Iron Fortress penitentiary, but this is not an easy job! In return,

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How to make more money in Idle Supermarket Tycoon

Tips & Tricks to grow faster!

You can advance in Idle Supermarket Tycoon very fast after some practice, but sometimes, you could feel that your business is stuck. We are happy to share some tips that could help you achieve your goals. Let ‘s go!

Try to expand all the features according to your current progress:

We may think that upgrading products from a specific store could bring more earnings instantly. However, we must check all the details carefully around it. If you don’ t find the proper progression, pay attention to hiring new

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Prison Empire Tycoon: We’re hiring peacemakers!

Prison Empire Tycoon

Run your own prisons and work for a better society!

Lo and behold, here you are. With your suitcase full of dreams, good intentions, and better ideas. Poor you. Prison Empire Tycoon has recruited you for one of the most difficult undertakings that Codigames could offer. We know you are strong, but… Will

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Hotel Empire Tycoon: Codi-Resort Weekly Event

It ‘s time to hire new managers for your hotels!

Your supervisor is very proud of your hard work! He decided to make you an offer you can’ t refuse… A new challenging hotel has arrived at Hotel Empire Tycoon! Stay aware of the event widget on the left side of the game screen and its countdown to play the event as soon as it starts.

But you won ‘t work for free. If you meet the goals, some new and interesting CVs will appear on your desk… You could automatically hire exclusive managers for your regular hotels (also for the upcoming ones). They are specialized in specific hotel services and will help you grow your business with their recognized experience. You will find them walking around your premises once you could include them on the team. Remember that they will only work with the best managers so it won’ t be a piece of cake!

Every week, your supervisor will

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Idle Theme Park Tycoon: A wonderful world of fun!

Idle Theme Park Tycoon grand opening. Come and ride!

– «Who’s that old rich man with a helicopter?» – «Why is he always visiting that mysterious island?» The whole village was wondering about those secret expeditions. And, finally, we ‘ve found that Idle Theme Park Tycoon has come for our joy! But… We’ ve read that they need a well-prepared manager. Do you dare?

Visitors from all over the world can ‘t wait to enjoy the crazy famous rides that could be seen in the distance. Unfortunately, Investor Jones will need help. You know how to take advantage of all the opportunities, not only the creative ones but also the economic ones. In other words, you are the perfect candidate!

Stay alert to all the investment plans that arrive at your desk and build the funniest rides. People would love the classic ones, but they will definitely enjoy new stuff… What about having an interdimensional Ferris wheel or a subaquatic roller coaster? Have you ever think about managing a park with real dinosaurs? Are you afraid of an active Volcano with a dragon spitting fire on the top? It seems a funny workplace, doesn’ t it?

As far as we know, you will be

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Idle Supermarket Tycoon: Prepare your shopping cart!

Make your supermarket grow around the world… And beyond!

Cha-ching! Ah… Who would have guessed when you opened that small grocery store that this sound would be the soundtrack of your life! Idle Supermarket Tycoon guided you on this road to success and… Look at you now! Wearing a spacesuit to open your

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Travel the world with Idle Airport Tycoon

Idle Airport Tycoon

Flying… the dream of every human being..

We cannot make you fly, but we can give you the opportunity to manage an airport!

Yeah, is not as cool as flying, but it’s a start!

Idle Airport Tycoon puts you in control of an international Airport, where you will have to take management decision in

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Idle Cooking Tycoon Reaches 100,000 Players in Two Days

Idle Cooking Tycoon

Idle Cooking Tycoon, our last simulator game, was downloaded more than 100,000 times in the first two days after the release.

Players have been baking for more than 72,000 hours, and have made millions of cakes, chocolate bars, and pancakes.

The baking game has been featured by Apple in more than 20 countries as

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Create Your Own Bakery with Idle Cooking Tycoon

Idle Cooking Tycoon

Would not be great to work on a bakery? Surronded by muffins, cakes, chocolate, biscuits, and pies.

We are here to make your dreams come true!

We are proud to introduce our new game Idle Cooking Tycoon, a simulator game where players will take control of their own bakery.

Idle Cooking Tycoon is an

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Super Idle Cats Featured on the App Store

Super Idle Cats

Our last game, Supper Idle Cats, has been featured by Apple on the App Store as one of the Best New Games, and we could not be happier.

The game has appeared in the section New Games We Love in dozens of countries around the world, including the Chinese App Store.

In some countries,

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Super Idle Cats: Help the Cats to Rule the World!

It finally happened. Cats have conquered Earth!

They rule the new world without humans, but they still need to eat, so they have decided to start growing their own fruits.

Super Idle Cats is the new game from Codigames, where players will help cats to manage their own fruit farm.

The game features an

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