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TV Empire Tycoon: The show actually goes on!

You decide what’s on TV tonight!

Take a deep breath and listen to the audience murmuring on the set behind the Iron Curtain. They are waiting for entertainment! TV Empire Tycoon gives you the great opportunity of running a TV station from scratch… Do you accept the commitment?

You will be proud of your humble origins as a TV manager once you could buy some new and bigger TV sets. But nothing is for free… Ready to work hard?

You will keep the audience in front of their televisions with fancy shows, rigorous journalists, reputable actors and actresses, and polemic collaborators. The better you manage your TV station, the more famous celebrities will want to work with you. The phone will never stop ringing!

Every decision you make will affect your growth strategy. It’s time to study your business and make it grow! You must be ready to deal with celebrities, but also need to be the perfect boss to all your staff. They will need the perfect environment to be efficient, and that’s part of your work. We never said that would be an easy job! Be patient, put away your fears, and move up in the world thanks to your great TV shows.

But you won’t be alone on this journey… Your copywriters have left some valuable info in our FAQ section to ease the way. Take a look at it as many times as you need it!

Download TV Empire Tycoon for free on the App Store and Google Play

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