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Live a Great Adventure with Our New RPG Strategy Game ‘Heroes of Rings’

Heroes of Rings Banner

We are pleased to announce our latest game, and RPG Strategy Adventure: Heroes of Rings.

Heroes of Rings is a an adventure/RPG game that will put players in the middle of an incredible fantastic world, where the evil has come back to destroy the Pillars of Creation, the foundations of the world. Wake up the ancient heroes, and defeat the evil creatures that are trying to destroy the world.

Heroes of Rings Battle

Heroes of Rings introduces a new turn-based combat system. The fight fundamentals are easy to learn, but that does not mean combats will be simple. The battle system allow players to develop complex strategies based on the heroes they use, their skills, and the turns left to attack the enemies.

Heroes can equip special items, the Arcane Rings. These special objects contain a powerful magic spell that can be unleashed if they are combined. The Arcane Rings gives player an opportunity to improve their heroes, and extend the strategy in battle.

Heroes of Rings Character selection


Besides the main campaign mode, players can participate in seasonal PvP competitions, where they can put fight against other heroes, and get great rewards. The special events are also a great place to find awesome prizes that will help their heroes become great warriors.

Heores of Rings will be available soon on the App Store.

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