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Prison Empire Tycoon: Alien Invasion Fortnightly Event

Time to beat some alien up!

You thought that your job was already under control, didn’t you? Well, in Prison Empire Tycoon surprises do not end: we are surrounded by an alien army! Humanity is in danger, and we need the toughest people to fix this up. Ready?

You may be wondering: Why me? The answer is easier than you think: The Government is looking for recruits of questionable reputation to fight back against this alien invasion, and you are the most influential prison manager around here. They want you to train war soldiers against the clock. If you want some extra profits, you better say yes to this offer!

But, you won’t be alone in this epic challenge. Other prison managers around the Globe will also organize their own army against aliens. The Government has displayed a prize list to award the best performances. High leaders have always been very generous to their best allies. Don’t let them down, and you will get succulent resources for your prisons…

This new adventure could be worth telling and would delight your grandchildren. However, don’t forget that your recruits come from your prisons! It is time to be a demanding trainer, but don’t ignore where your boys are coming from, or you will have serious behavioral troubles. And we don’t need extra troubles when aliens are attacking us, do we?

An officer has found an ancient carved stone with valuable information about the aliens and their weaknesses. We have transcribed it all in our FAQ section. Take a look!

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