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Become a Mage With Schools of Magic, Our New Adventure RPG Game

Schools of Magic screen

When we were working on the beta version of Empires of Sand, someone in the team asked: Why do they have portals? The answer was obvious: A wizard did it!

Since that very moment, we knew our next game will be about magic, wizards, and sorcerers, and here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet our new game: Schools of Magic.

The path to become the best mage of all times is fulfill with powerful enemies and it requires training and a wisely resources management. Besides training their mage, you should build and expand your  own school of magic. This will give you access to new spells, and items.

Schools of Magic mixes classic real-time RPG elements, like real-time combats, with the possibilities of mobile devices, and creates a new game experience. You will be able to fight other mages from any country in the world in real-time combats. Furthermore, there will be weekly events where you can get exclusive items.

Unlike other RPG games, Schools of Magic’s combat system has been designed to be easy to play, but dynamic. In order to win a battle it is necessary a good strategy and a little bit of ability.

The game has four game modes:
– School management: develop your school to attract new apprentices, research new spells, and improve your wizard.
– Player vs. Player (PvP): fight against other wizards online in real-time multiplayer battles.
– Campaign: venture into this magic world to defeat the four great wizards who have taken hold of the world using their dark arts.
– Customize your wizard: equip your wizard with hats, caps, robes, capes, rings, and different weapons that grant special powers and skills.

Key features:
– Fight real-time battles of arcane power.
– Build your own school of magic
– Collect different magic objects and weapons to equip your wizard with.
– Challenge other wizards online.
– All the game modes can be played for free.
– Invite your friends and play with them in real time.
– Get powerful items in the weekly events
– High-resolution graphics.

Schools of Magic will be worldwide available on 19th March through the App Store.

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One Response to "Become a Mage With Schools of Magic, Our New Adventure RPG Game"

  • xYama
    18 mayo, 2015 - 14:51

    today i bought the offer for 9,99 but i don’t get it.