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Idle Police Tycoon: Keep law and order in your district!

The neighborhood is waiting for the proper Police chief!

Remember that day when the telephone rang in the middle of the night. Your partner was sleeping beside you and, without taking off the sleep mask, asked: «who’s calling?» -«Unknown number, honey.» That day, Idle Police Tycoon needed you, and they are waiting for your confirmation. Are you able to manage an entire Police Station?

It is no coincidence that you received that phone call. Our superiors know that you are the best candidate for this job. They know that you can handle both paperwork and arrest campaigns, thanks to your strategical mind. They also know that you are capable to catch the worst criminals in town.

No secret that some gangsters are roaming free around the city, and they must feel the full force of the law. Once you accept the commitment, you should study carefully which departments need to be developed to put your precinct into operation. Your experience in interdepartmental communication will be the key to our success. You can’t leave any area behind!

Organize all your Special Units to be effective in patrolling the streets, but don’t forget to be a good boss with all the internal workers. You have the power, so decide how to adjust your staff and your investments to your earnings wisely. Hire and fire workers according to your expansion in the city map, and train new intervention units only when new types of crime rise in your jurisdiction. Do you remember the story of The Tortoise and the Hare? That’s right. Be patient!

Our superiors know that you should need some help at the beginning, and our interns have left some valuable info in our FAQ section to ease the path. They will always be available for you.

Download Idle Police Tycoon for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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