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Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon: Cuteness all around!

Rescue abandoned animals and treat pets in your vet clinic!

We LOVE animals. Period. That is why we have opened Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon! Would you like to share one of our passions? Would you take care of those beautiful pets? Did you know that pet models in the game are based on some of the furry friends of Codigames staff? Let’s start this lovely adventure!

Wait a second… It is not a bed of roses. Sorry for the misunderstanding! We need your hard work to succeed with this business as usual. But it’s worth the effort, of course. Your decisions will change the quality of life of your cute patients. Ready to take the challenge?

Upgrade the consultation rooms, choose the latest medical technology to diagnose and treat the animals, hire the best vets in the labor market, and supervise the supply chains for medicine, pet food, or hygienic products.

And, of course, don’t forget about your social commitment by rescuing abandoned pets! Expand your premises and open a pet sanctuary so your grateful guests can enjoy a new and comfortable life there: food, treatment, bath, warm beds… The perfect waiting room until a new family can adopt them! Exactly. You will also manage the adoption requests.

We have left some basic instructions in our FAQ section to make it easier. Check the gaming tips as many times as needed!

Download Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon on the App Store and Google Play for free.

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