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Prison Empire Tycoon: Iron Fortress Fortnightly Event

Do you dare to manage a hellhole full of dangerous inmates?

We have heard about your excellent prison management… And we need your services on a special mission! The Government ordered us to reform as many inmates as possible in the Iron Fortress penitentiary, but this is not an easy job! In return, you will receive different prizes that will help you grow in your permanent prisons.

You will find treasure chests on the island that will speed up your progress in this hostile prison. Don’t worry if you could not reach the highest objective: you will be receiving prizes as the event progresses! Every effort has its rewards!

Once every two weeks, the Iron Fortress will appear in Prison Empire Tycoon! Check the event widget on the left side of the game screen and the countdown to play the event as soon as it starts. We trust in your wise leadership, and we are sure that you will keep these crooks under control.

Each time that you decide to lend a hand in this dunghill called Iron Fortress, you will be able to recruit a Legendary prison guard that will work permanently in all your regular prisons (including the upcoming ones) and will apply different boosters to your game.

They will automatically appear walking around your premises! They will bring peace to your prisons, as well as awesome animations. Will you be able to unlock them all?

If you want to know more about this intricate job offer, you could check our FAQ section. There you will discover which tricks you should learn to avoid chaos and destruction!

Download Prison Empire Tycoon for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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