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Behind Zombie Faction: Meet the Survivors

While playing Zombie Faction, you will find and rescue some survivors. They will join you during the adventure. This survivors have to defend themselves from other players. If you do not want to die in the attempt, the squad must be complete in order to win all the events and raids. Each survivor is unique, and they have special skills. You will have to combine these special skills to defend your shelter from other players.

We want to help you! We are going to introduce you some survivors, along with their strengths and weaknesses.

For Wheelburner, the last member of the biker gang «The Mangy Dogs», the world hasn’t changed. If you have a problem with him, your last concern will be the zombies… An expert at stunning his enemies, he prefers hand-to-hand combat.

Skinner «The Hunter» is a sturdy guy. Before everything went haywire, he could hunt a bear with his bare hands. He is still able to do that, but there aren’t any bears left. The zombies ate them all. He can take a lot of damage and has the ability to avoid melee attacks.

What Grandma gives you, Grandma takes away. Her needles are as deadly as they are curative. Her bad character comes from the fact that the world twisted just on the day she retired. Use her ability to heal your team when they are all together.

Claire, specialized in plundering… err, I mean… in exploring ancient ruins. Tutankhamen still recalls her last visit. She can attack two targets at once from a distance.

If you want to watch them in action. Visit the Official Twitter Account or in the Zombie Faction Facebook Page.







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