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Conquer the World With Lords & Castles

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Mobile strategy genre is about to change thanks to Lords & Castles. Our new game is now available on the App Store.

Lords & Castles is an strategy game, where you can actually build your own kingdom. It is literally building your kingdom, because you can change the terrain to create hills, or digging moats. You can use the terrain to improve your village’s defenses, and create an impenetrable fortress.

Defensive buildings, like archer tower, are more effective if they are placed in the top of a hill. Force your enemies to climb a slope in order to reach your city walls, or place your most valuable buildings in an inaccessible valley.

The game also include persistent kingdom wars. Forget about temporary wars between clans, in Lords & Castles, each kingdom controls a region of the world, and players will keep that region until another kingdom attacks, and defeats them.

There are 8 types of troops in the game, but you can also use the help of the great leaders in history. Unlock the wisdom, and power of 24 great leaders, and let them help the troops by healing them, or making them move faster.

The organization of the buildings, the capacity to shape the terrain, and the ability to use great leaders during battles allow Lords & Castles’ players to develop thousands of defensive, and offensive strategies.

Lords & Castles is available for free on the App Store, and Google Play. The game is translated to English, Spanish, Germany, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese.

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