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Dungeon Legends: The Official Soundtrack

Dungeon legends

One of the most important parts of a videogame is its music. It enhances the game experience, and transport the players to the game world.

When we designed Dungeon Legends, we knew that we needed a powerful OST that will complete the game. For that reasons, we contacted Damian Sanchez from Sonotrigger and told him «We need an awesome music for this new awesome game, could you help that us?».

Damian is a videogame music professional that have worked in more than 40 videogame projects, including games like Empires of Sand TD, or  Rise & Shine. So, when we pitch the project to him, he quickly understood what we need: a powerful, and epic music. A soundtrack that shows the pride of the dwarfs, the race that star in Dungeon Legends.

The main game song perfectly reflects this pride. «I am a Dwarf» is an epic song, made for epic warriors.

Maybe you are wondering what are they singing at the start of the song. They sing «I’m a Dwarf».

You can find the rest of the soundtrack in Sonotrigger’s Bandcamp page.

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