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Empires of Sand: Towers

Empires of Sand: Towers

Battles in Empires of Sand takes place in a tower defense environment. The pharaoh must build defenses, while sending troops to the enemy base.

Each tower can be upgraded during battle up to level 5. Towers can only be upgraded in battle if they have been previously upgraded in the pharaoh’s city.

In Empires of Sand, we have five different towers:

barrack tower - empires of sand

Barracks Towers

The barracks are where soldiers live. Each barrack tower provides three soldiers that will fight against near enemies. They are good against enemies with magic defense and are a good choice when pharaoh wants to stop enemy troops.



archer tower - empires of sand

Archers Towers

The archer tower is a good choice to defeat flying units. but, they can also attack any other troop. Arrows can penetrate the magic shield, but they cannot hurt enemies with physical defenses.



artillery tower - empires of sand

Artillery Towers

When enemy’s armies are big, archers and soldiers are not enough. You need to stop them using powerful weapons. Pharaohs can build artillery tower to attack enemies with bombs. The bombs produces less dammage than an arrow, but they can dammage some enemies at the same time.


magic tower - empires of sand

Magic Towers

Using magic is the only way to stop enemies with physical armor. The magic spells can go through armors, but they are useless against magic shields.



prayer tower - empires of sand

Prayer Towers

The pharaoh can build towers and summon troops using divine power. Osiris rewards the pharaoh with his favor thanks to the pray towers.

The pray tower is crucial in battles, because is the only way to gain enough divine power to build a good defense.

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