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Hotel Empire Tycoon: Make guests feel special!

Hotel Empire

Open exclusive hotels and create your own business empire!

Do you have a reservation? Welcome to Hotel Empire Tycoon! Leave your luggage in your room and enjoy this fabulous trip being a hotel manager! Focus on running the most exclusive hotel empire and succeed thanks to your growth strategy. Ready?!

Ehm… Don’t worry about this first hotel, boss. Yeah, we know. Here you can’t find the dream suites we’ve told you about, a swimming pool or the famous casino. But trust us: You are about to inaugurate the most exclusive themed hotels thanks to your hard work! We appreciate your patience :S

Eh! Hold on… Are you sure you don’t want any external help? Don’t you think you may need a decent crew to put your hotels on the map? That’s right. Recruit some bartenders, cooks, valets, cleaners… Woah. Not an easy job, right? Imagine when you open bigger hotels. Ski instructors, lifeguards, scuba divers, croupiers, entertainers, DJs… This is gonna be fun!

Use your experience gained in the first levels to build the perfect hotels for your guests. Think about how you can open basic areas such as the reception or the cleaning room, or include leisure services without breaking the bank. Save some money for your employees, or they will never come back! That’s not a thing that VIP guests want to see, isn’t it?

Wow… A mysterious client gave the bellhop these valuable documents. Here you are! You can now check the FAQ section as many times as needed to ease the path! It seems that someone wants you to stay…

Download Hotel Empire Tycoon for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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