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Idle Theme Park Tycoon: A wonderful world of fun!

Idle Theme Park Tycoon grand opening. Come and ride!

-«Who’s that old rich man with a helicopter?» -«Why is he always visiting that mysterious island?» The whole village was wondering about those secret expeditions. And, finally, we’ve found that Idle Theme Park Tycoon has come for our joy! But… We’ve read that they need a well-prepared manager. Do you dare?

Visitors from all over the world can’t wait to enjoy the crazy famous rides that could be seen in the distance. Unfortunately, Investor Jones will need help. You know how to take advantage of all the opportunities, not only the creative ones but also the economic ones. In other words, you are the perfect candidate!

Stay alert to all the investment plans that arrive at your desk and build the funniest rides. People would love the classic ones, but they will definitely enjoy new stuff… What about having an interdimensional Ferris wheel or a subaquatic roller coaster? Have you ever think about managing a park with real dinosaurs? Are you afraid of an active Volcano with a dragon spitting fire on the top? It seems a funny workplace, doesn’t it?

As far as we know, you will be able to run simultaneously other parks… We’ve heard that you could open a waterpark soon! Wow, you definitely are in the right place to become rich. We are sure that all our staff will work hard to build more islands of fun. In the meantime, you have a lot of work to do if you want to max out your theme park! Wanna tip? Try to unlock as many collectible figures as you can to have the most exclusive park in the world!

Our dear investor knows that you should need some help at the beginning, and our roller coaster mascots have left some valuable info in our FAQ section to ease the path. They will always be available for you.

Download Idle Theme Park Tycoon for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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