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Introducing Empires of Sand. Management And Tower Defense

Empires of Sand

We are very proud to announce our new project for iOS and Android devices: Empires of Sand.

Empires of Sand represents a step ahead in the strategy game genre, combining management and tower defense. Players take the role of a pharaoh in the ancient Egypt, after a war between the egyptians and the evil Seth.

Luckily, Osiris agrees to help you, the pharaoh, who will be the leader in the war to take Egypt back. The pharaoh must build his empire from scratch, managing resources, improving the city, and pleasing Osiris. The bigger the empire is, the stronger the army becomes.

The battle mechanics are taken from tower defense genre, but with some awesome modifications. Pharaoh has to prepare a good defense, but, at the same time, he needs to summon troops and send them to the enemy base. Thus, battles are dynamic, and requires manage the resources wisely.

In his way to the throne of Egypt, the pharaoh will find another aspirants to become the king of Egypt. Empires of Sand includes a multiplayer mode, where two players battle in real-time.

Empires of Sand will include four game modes:

■ Empire management: manage your resources to expand your city and develop your army.
■ Player vs Player (PvP): play against other pharaohs in real-time to become the greatest pharaoh in Egypt.
■ Campaign: challenge Seth’s troops to retake Egypt in history mode.
■ City defense: construct and manage your city’s defenses to protect it from pharaohs trying to steal your resources.

Empires of Sand is currently under development. It will arrive to iTunes and Google Play in June 2014.

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