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Help Your Kids To Use Tablets And Smartphones Safely

Help Your Kids To Use Tablets And Smartphones Safely

Kids love smartphones and tablets. It is very common to see children using their fathers’ smartphone to play games like Angry Birds. This is fantastic, indeed, because kids learn how to use these devices. Adults sometimes see gadgets as a cool device that we dream of when we read about it in sci-fi novels. Some people see smartphone as a symbol of their social status.

Today’s kid will see smartphones, tablets, and wereables as a simple tool. They are part of their lifes, and, as adults, they will see a new smartphone in the same way we see notebooks: they are tools that helps us with our daily work or entertain us.

However, when kids use a smartphone or a tablet alone, they can acces every program, game or document in the device, and, more important, they can buy virtual things with just a few taps in some of the games they play. There are some solutions that can help parents to teach their kids how to use a smartphone. They transform the smnartphone into a secure environment where kids can only access previously approved applications, and they can only navigate to safe web pages.

Here are three of the most popular tools to keep children in a safe environment while using tablets and smartphones.

KIDO'Z Play Mode-Safe for Kids

KIDO’Z Play Mode-Safe for Kids

This is one of the most popular apps for kids. Kido’z creates a safe environment for children. The aplication includes some games and blockers that does not allow kids make in-app purchases. Parents can approved apps and they automatically appear in Kido’z and will be available for the kids.

Kido’z is free, but they have a premium version (a paid version, I mean) which unlocks some interesting features like time limits. Parents can establish how many time theirs kids can use the tablet or the phone.

It is available on Android. There is also a Windows version available.

Kids Place

Kids Place

In contrast to Kid0’z, Kids Play remains as a free app. The launcher does not allow kid to download applications, nor doing purchases.

Kids Place can be configured so incoming calls are blocked when kids are using the phone. Parents can configure different profiles, one for each of the kids in the house, with different restrictions.

Kids BrowserKids Safe Browser With Parental Controls

The previous app is not avilable on iTunes, but its creators, Kiddoware, have a web browser for iOS that can be used safely by kids.

Kids Safe Browser allow parents to block websites by category or create white and black lists. Parents can also create their own rules.

The app is free, but personalized web content filtering requieres a premium account.

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One Response to "Help Your Kids To Use Tablets And Smartphones Safely"

  • Julio
    21 mayo, 2014 - 14:19

    My kids love KIDOZ!! Thanks