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Hospital Empire Tycoon: A sweet pill to swallow!

9 out of 10 doctors recommend this hospital!

Do you have experience in simulation games? Do you like helping other people? Are you interested in running an entire sanitary business? Well, this job is for you! We are looking for someone to organize all the medical departments in Hospital Empire Tycoon! Ready?

Your supervision is fundamental if we want to treat all the patients who will enter through that door. Hire the best possible doctors for each department and upgrade the rooms to get the best medical technology. Every decision you make will affect the hospital’s efficiency, and we are confident about your growth strategy.

Easy, right? Well… Not just like that. You must take care of the medical supplies to make your medical staff can work faster. Oh! Don’t forget about keeping an eye on emergency patients… We know very well that some stressful scenarios can occur in the city, and you should have enough working capacity to handle them! Send your ambulances ASAP to heal as many patients as possible!

If this weren’t enough, your ICU should be ready to receive very rare diseases during short periods of time. Guess what! The big bosses will give some extra rewards if you meet the expectations!

We know that is too much information. The former manager has left a detailed guide in our FAQ section. You can visit it as many times as needed!

Download Hospital Empire Tycoon for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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