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Supermarket Village – Farm Town: A new sustainable Business!

supermarket village

Open a supermarket in a friendly village and sell your zero-mile products!

The good old Earl contacted us sad and concerned. His neighbors started to abandon their beautiful, small town to find a better life in the capital. We took his desperate cry for help as a new challenge and decided to open a new supermarket in the village. But, as always, we are looking for an experienced manager to run the business… Do you dare?

Give back life to this small town thanks to your business decisions, and put it on the map again! We need someone capable of producing and collecting local goods to sell in our supermarket. Plant seeds, build factories, manage livestock, and fish in the deep seas to expand your range of products.

The neighbors will be grateful if you can also help them to renovate all the emblematic buildings around the village. It is said that they will reveal some secrets about the town’s mysterious past… A lot of surprises are waiting to be uncovered! In addition, some of those renovated zones will be very useful in order to expand your business. Have you ever collected ore in a mine or run a laboratory? Don’t miss the opportunity!

We have found valuable documentation in the town hall that can help you with the first steps: Check here the FAQ section!

Download Supermarket Village – Farm Town on the App Store and Google Play for free!

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