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Hotel Empire Tycoon: Codi-Resort Weekly Event

It’s time to hire new managers for your hotels!

Your supervisor is very proud of your hard work! He decided to make you an offer you can’t refuse… A new challenging hotel has arrived at Hotel Empire Tycoon! Stay aware of the event widget on the left side of the game screen and its countdown to play the event as soon as it starts.

But you won’t work for free. If you meet the goals, some new and interesting CVs will appear on your desk… You could automatically hire exclusive managers for your regular hotels (also for the upcoming ones). They are specialized in specific hotel services and will help you grow your business with their recognized experience. You will find them walking around your premises once you could include them on the team. Remember that they will only work with the best managers so it won’t be a piece of cake!

Every week, your supervisor will open the Codi-Resort Hotel for a limited time to test your management skills. Don’t let him down! The more money you collect in Codi-Resort Hotel, the higher your booster will be!

Take in mind that each Special Manager increases the performance of specific hotel areas, detailed in their job applications. Tap on the manager’s icon (right side of the game screen) and know more about their peculiarities.

Pierre has left some helpful instructions about the Codi-Resort in our FAQ section. Check them out!

Download Hotel Empire Tycoon for free on Google Play and App Store

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