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Prison Empire Tycoon: We’re hiring peacemakers!

Prison Empire Tycoon

Run your own prisons and work for a better society!

Lo and behold, here you are. With your suitcase full of dreams, good intentions, and better ideas. Poor you. Prison Empire Tycoon has recruited you for one of the most difficult undertakings that Codigames could offer. We know you are strong, but… Will you be strong enough?

Anyway. You took the challenge, and we are sure that your background will help you to be the best prison manager ever. We need to rehabilitate as many inmates as possible to keep the streets clean of rascals, and to maintain all our prison facilities and services. The Government only pays if they see good results! Now… It’s up to you.

According to our sources, you can revitalize the prison economy thanks to your experience as an idle manager. We don’t care if you were working in a supermarket, a hotel, or a theme park before: you are the chosen one to make this hellhole a decent place where prisoners could be reformed with better guarantees.

Build new sectors and cells to accommodate all kinds of prisoners (some of them are very popular, but we are sure that you’ll keep your virtuous action). Provide them with quality prison services and meet their vital needs if you don’t want riots or escape plans on your premises. Be alert to their demands, or accept the consequences.

Your working team will be essential to keeping your prisons controlled. Of course, you should hire as many guards and janitors as possible, but don’t forget about doctors, social workers, or cooks. Every staff member will be helpful to succeed. However, you must adjust your number of prison workers to avoid being in the red! As you can see… this won’t be a dream vacation!

Although we know that you are THE prison manager, some of the minimum security prisoners compiled valuable information in our FAQ section to make your job easier. Check it as many times as you consider it!

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