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Law Empire Tycoon: You’re under oath!

Take the challenge and manage your own law firm!

Quiet in the court! Please resume your seats. Law Empire Tycoon is now on the stand. We need someone to manage all these legal cases… We heard that you have some experience with simulation games, and we are sure that you will do a great job. Ready to be a worthy boss?

Don’t panic. You are not alone in this journey. All these departments will need your supervision, that’s right. But all of them will work smoothly if you choose the right staff. Take your time and choose the best lawyers in the labor market to keep your clients happy and away from court! You have our permission to open other areas that may help you in this challenge. The budget includes some extra money to hire documenters, couriers, and detectives 😉

Oh! Our secret informers found a leak in some top-secret cases, and we are aware of some special guests coming to our firm soon. Stay calm, take a deep breath, and get ready to defend these exclusive clients in front of the judge as only you can. It seems that you will get juicy rewards if you win these cases.

The paralegals have compiled some valuable information that may be useful to handle the situation. Check it right here in the FAQ section as many times as you need it!

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