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Tricks to grow at University Empire Tycoon

Tips & tricks to increase your earnings!

University Empire Tycoon challenges your patience and growth strategy, but you can start to boost your profits very soon. However, we have prepared these tricks for you because we don’t want you to miss a detail. Check them out!

Expand the Dean’s building!

The first thing you have to do to increase your income is to level up the main building at your campus. Don’t forget to regularly check the rectorate (or the Dean’s main building) and level it up until you get the max level. Moreover, check the Research list to run all the investigations related to this said building located in front of the tram stop. Remember: you should be able to complete the game without spending real money. If you see a price higher than your money limit, there should be a missed level out there!

Upgrade the proper objects and areas!

A good Dean will spend as much time as needed to max up every detail on the campus. However, the most efficient ones will take some extra time to understand which features will be directly affected by a specific upgrade. Check all the dialog windows that appear in the game after tapping on the main buildings or in a classroom and upgrade those objects that could be useful to your growth strategy. These two tricks will serve as an example:

1) Wanna increase your number of students? Then tap on the classrooms and read the student desks’ descriptions. Some of them indicate that they will add new students! 

2) Wanna increase tuition fees? Check which objects and areas will add some extra hourly money! Look for the note icon in the descriptions 😉 

Finish all the research studies!

The upper-right test tube icon will be your best ally from now on! All these sections will take some time to be developed, but they will help you expand your campus. Check the boosters that they provide and choose university research according to your strategy. Some of them will increase your workers, others will bring more money, or cheer up your students, for example.

Tricks: An organized Dean will always have ongoing research in the background 😉 / Use your gems wisely. Some of the investigations won’t need that extra effort!

Participate in competitions!

The trophy icon will provide your campus with regular academic competitions, and you will be able to send some of your best graduates to those challenges. These extra tips will be convenient, especially on the very first days of gameplay. The team is revising this feature and will suffer modifications in the near future to make it more accessible to all players. In the meantime, we encourage you to participate anyway. You will never know how good your graduates can do it!

We could speak about University Empire Tycoon for hours, but we focused on how to increase your profits. You can find a lot of helpful tips in our FAQ section related to other topics, though!

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