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University Empire Tycoon: Your own campus in miniature!

Make your campus hit the books and become a renowned dean!

The day has come… Remember your welcome speech. Comb your hair one more time. Feed the cats, don’t forget! Is the official car ready? Yes, it is. Wait… Where are the accreditations? «University Empire Tycoon is proud to introduce our new dean»… Ok! You’re all set!

Your credentials brought you here, so you don’t have to be nervous. You are ready to take the challenge and manage this campus from scratch to turn it into the most prestigious University! Your students are eager to welcome you!

But… Yeah. Of course. You need to take care of the economy of the university to expand your campus and hire the best professors. Your previous experience as an idle manager in other working fields will be essential to meet the projected goals. There are a lot of buildings waiting to be constructed and equipped! And don’t forget to lead research studies if you want to make your university grow!

You must be aware of teaching and developing six different knowledge areas, build the most exclusive faculties and schools if you want to earn prestige among your colleagues. Provide your students with the best leisure activities if you want them to study in a friendly environment. The library will also be essential, OK… But they would need to go to the gym or to have some snacks, wouldn’t they?

Be a worthy team leader and hire the best professors according to your progress. Their motivation and teaching abilities will allow your graduates to participate in student competitions. That means some extra money and will increase your academic prestige.

We know that you are more than qualified for this position, but our best scholars have developed some papers that could help you. Check them in the FAQ section to ease the path!

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