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How to succeed at Prison Empire Tycoon

Tips & tricks to grow faster!

You can easily grow in Prison Empire Tycoon after some practice. However, sometimes you could feel that your progress is stuck. We are happy to share some tips that could help you achieve your goals and grow easier. Let’s go!

Pay attention to object descriptions!

Your prisons are full of objects and features that could be upgraded by reinvesting your earnings. We can divide them into two main groups: 

Cells: cell objects will improve prisoners’ comforts, and you will increase your income thanks to these privileges. The better equipped the cells are, the more money you get. At the same time, these objects will meet their basic needs.

Common areas: all the zones shared by your inmates or by your working team. Those areas won’t increase your earnings, but they are essential to make your prison grow as well. Again, they will improve the commodities that your prisoners need to have a decent life. 

Check carefully all the details displayed in the dialog windows for each specific area you want to upgrade, and level them up according to your growth strategy. For example, if your prisoners have low health rates (red cross symbol), you should look for those items that could increase these numbers. Every dialog window has an info button in the upper-right corner,  and you can check the specific symbols included in this area and their meaning. 

There are also blue icons in the guards’ room that are related to their defense skills. You better take them into account to improve your prison security!

Manage your working team efficiently!

If you want to optimize your earnings, try as many times as you need to readjust your number of staff members. You don’t need to have all the cooks or janitors hired at early stages, for example. You should assume that during short periods, you can be in the red until new inmates come to your prison, but you should always have a positive income if your prison is full. Most of the time, a staff readjustment will work! BUT don’t forget to hire at least one worker in each unlocked area. 

Save some gems to get cards!

If you have the opportunity, save some of your gems to open game chests and unlock some permanent boosters. Some cards will improve your prison services, and others will bring special characters to all your levels. Check their descriptions to know more about them!
You can find more info here.

Participate in the weekly events!

Take part in the events to earn juicy prizes! No matter if you can’t reach the final rewards for any reason, you will be earning gems and cards during the gameplay, and we can say that they will be very useful for your permanent levels. Check the countdown in the event widget (left side of the playing screen): it will appear before the event starts. We hope these tips could help you enjoy the game even more! If you have already reached all the prisons available, don’t worry! The team will provide more content, and all these tips could be also applied to the incoming levels.

You have more info and tips in our FAQ section. Our support team will also be happy to help you if you don’t find the proper answer!

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