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More than 17 Million Games Played in The First Year of Empires of Sand

Empires of Sand

One year ago, we released Empires of Sand on iOS devices. Since then more than 17 million games has been played.

Almost half the games played in the last 12 months (45 %) are online matches. This proves the support players are giving to the Codigames’ bet for real-time multiplayer mobile games.

The most

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Apple Chooses Schools of Magic as one of the 15 Most Epic RPGs

15 most epic rpgs

Schools of Magic is, for Apple Editors, one of the 15 most epig RPGs currently available on the iTunes store.

The game has been included in a new fetaured collection on iTunes which is available on more than 130 countries.

Schools of Magic shares the honor with other games like HearthStone from Blizzard, The

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5 Tips For Schools of Magic

Smithy Schools of Magic

Does the Helaer Master always defeat you? How does the eletric shock work? What is the purpose of the smithy?

We would like to share with you some tips about Schools of Magic, that hopefully answer these questions 🙂

Feel free to share your own tips in the comments!
1. Level, Equipment, and Defense

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Android Wizards! Schools of Magic Arrives to Google Play!

Schools of magic Wizard

Schools of Magic is finally available on Google Play!
Schools of Magic arrives to Android after its success in the App Store. The game has been downloaded more than 350,000 times since its launch in March.
We are very excited about sharing the game with the Android players. All players, no matter if they

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Schools of Magic And Empires of Sand Featured In iTunes ‘Made In Spain’ Section

Featuring Made in Spain games itunes

Our last two games, Schools of Magic and Empires of Sand, has been featured in iTunes inside the ‘Made In spain’ section of the store.

Schools of Magic is featured as one of the best new games alogn with games like Dwarfs & Dragons from Omnidrone or Ridiculous Triathlon, from CremaGame.

Empires of Sand is in

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Empires of Sand Reaches 1 Million Downloads

Empires of Sand reaches 1 million downloads

When you design a game, you want it to be played, but, most important, you desire players enjoy it. You are always worried about the gameplay, Will it be fun? Will players like it?

Empires of Sand is no exception. We wanted to create something completely new, and that ‘s why we merge two genres we love, management and strategy, and put them together. After that, we asked ourselves: Will it be fun?

When we designed the battles between pharaohs, we introduced important changes in the classic tower defense gameplay like the prayer towers. But defending your base is only half of the game, you have to attack your enemy in order to win the battle. So there it was: prayer towers, defend and attack, and real-time battles between players. And then, we though: Will players like it?

Both questions have today a clear answer: Empires of Sand have reached 1 million downloads and players have rated the game with 4.5 starts out of 5. That make us the most happy developers on Earth rigth now 😀

Reaching 1 million downloads is overwhelming, and we can only say one thing: THANKS. We really want to thank players because they have helped us achieve this milestone. Every report we have received, every opinion, and every review have helped us improve the game.

Since the launch, we have added more levels to the campaign mode, and new scenarios for PvP battles. In December, we did a major update to the game in order to include one of the most demanded feature: clans. But that’ s not all! We are

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Cross The Line is Now Free on iOS and Android

Cross The Line

Cross The Line can now be downloaded for free from iTunes and Google Play.

Cross The Line is an innovative puzzle game designed to be played in touch screens. The goal is to guide a sphere to the finish line. The game has 100 scenarios that can be solved in different ways.

Main features:

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Empires of Sand, worldwide available on July 31st for iOS

Empires of Sand

We are happy to announce that Empires of Sand will be available for iOS devices worldwide on 31st July.

Empires of Sand represents a step ahead in the strategy game genre, combining management and tower defense. The pharaoh should manage resources wisely and use them to get better troops, powerful towers and gain the

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50,000 Pharaohs in Empires of Sand

Empires of sand downloads

We have reached an important milestone in Empires of Sand’s life. The game has been downloaded 50,000 times.

More than 4,000 pharaohs visit their city each day to manage the resources, play some epic battles, plunder other pharaohs, or just try to complete the campaign.

The players value the mix between city management and

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Empires of Sand: Units (Part 2)

Empires of Sand Units

In a previous entry, we talked about the units in Empires of Sand. We only introduced 6 of them, but there are 12 units to unlock.

Every unit needs to be unlocked in the Barracks. There is no need to unlock all of them but the more units you have, the more strategies you

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Empires of Sand: Units (Part 1)

Empires of Sand: Units

In Empires of Sand there are 12 units available. Each one is unique, but they can be group by armor and speed. There are three types of armor: neutral, magic and physical. The neutral armor protects the unit against any tower, but the protection against a archer tower is not as good as that

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