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Idle Supermarket Tycoon: Franchise Edition

Compete against other managers and win franchise prizes every week!

Ah, the supermarket management… What a demanding job, huh? The major investors are aware of it, and they know that you need some new incentives to keep up the hard work. We ‘re happy to announce the new Franchise Edition! Keep an eye on the left side of the game screen to find the event widget a few hours before it starts!

Are you alone in this? You’ re definitely not! Your supermarket will be working together with other

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Hotel Empire Tycoon: Make guests feel special!

Hotel Empire

Open exclusive hotels and create your own business empire!

Do you have a reservation? Welcome to Hotel Empire Tycoon! Leave your luggage in your room and enjoy this fabulous trip being a hotel manager! Focus on running the most exclusive hotel empire and succeed thanks to your growth strategy. Ready?!

Ehm… Don ‘t worry about this first hotel, boss. Yeah, we know. Here you can’ t

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Idle Theme Park Tycoon: A wonderful world of fun!

Idle Theme Park Tycoon grand opening. Come and ride!

– «Who’s that old rich man with a helicopter?» – «Why is he always visiting that mysterious island?» The whole village was wondering about those secret expeditions. And, finally, we ‘ve found that Idle Theme Park Tycoon has come for our joy! But… We’ ve read that they need a well-prepared manager. Do you dare?

Visitors from all over the world can ‘t wait to enjoy the crazy famous rides that could be seen in the distance. Unfortunately, Investor Jones will need help. You know how to take advantage of all the opportunities, not only the creative ones but also the economic ones. In other words, you are the perfect candidate!

Stay alert to all the investment plans that arrive at your desk and build the funniest rides. People would love the classic ones, but they will definitely enjoy new stuff… What about having an interdimensional Ferris wheel or a subaquatic roller coaster? Have you ever think about managing a park with real dinosaurs? Are you afraid of an active Volcano with a dragon spitting fire on the top? It seems a funny workplace, doesn’ t it?

As far as we know, you will be

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Idle Supermarket Tycoon: Prepare your shopping cart!

Make your supermarket grow around the world… And beyond!

Cha-ching! Ah… Who would have guessed when you opened that small grocery store that this sound would be the soundtrack of your life! Idle Supermarket Tycoon guided you on this road to success and… Look at you now! Wearing a spacesuit to open your

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Travel the world with Idle Airport Tycoon

Idle Airport Tycoon

Flying… the dream of every human being…

We cannot make you fly, but we can give you the opportunity to manage an airport!

Yeah, is not as cool as flying, but it’s a start!

Idle Airport Tycoon puts you in control of an international Airport, where you will have to make management decisions in

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Idle Cooking Tycoon Reaches 100,000 Players in Two Days

Idle Cooking Tycoon

Idle Cooking Tycoon, our last simulator game, was downloaded more than 100,000 times in the first two days after the release.

Players have been baking for more than 72,000 hours, and have made millions of cakes, chocolate bars, and pancakes.

The baking game has been featured by Apple in more than 20 countries as

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Create Your Own Bakery with Idle Cooking Tycoon

Idle Cooking Tycoon

Would not be great to work on a bakery? Surronded by muffins, cakes, chocolate, biscuits, and pies.

We are here to make your dreams come true!

We are proud to introduce our new game Idle Cooking Tycoon, a simulator game where players will take control of their own bakery.

Idle Cooking Tycoon is an

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Super Idle Cats Featured on the App Store

Super Idle Cats

Our last game, Supper Idle Cats, has been featured by Apple on the App Store as one of the Best New Games, and we could not be happier.

The game has appeared in the section New Games We Love in dozens of countries around the world, including the Chinese App Store.

In some countries,

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Super Idle Cats: Help the Cats to Rule the World!

It finally happened. Cats have conquered Earth!

They rule the new world without humans, but they still need to eat, so they have decided to start growing their own fruits.

Super Idle Cats is the new game from Codigames, where players will help cats to manage their own fruit farm.

The game features an

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Legendary Zombies for your Zombie Faction

legendary zombies

As you know, Zombie Faction is about survival, and in order to keep your shelter save, you need to think out of the box. That ‘s why we though «What about a zombie that you capture, and it is available for plundering other shelter?» The first legendary zombie was released some months ago, and it is one of the player’ s favourite characters.

In the last weeks, we have included three more zombie characters, ready to help you to survive. You know, desperate times, call for desperate measures. They

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Behind Zombie Faction: New characters

New characters are arriving to the city! You already know the bomberman and the samuraiand their amazing powers. Now it ‘s the turn of this strong characters:

Our Iceman is a canadian super star from «Mooses with Big Antlers» or, in Latin «Alces Magnis Cornibus». Unfortunale, her fans are now Zombies. Our survivor performs quick attacks in close combat and he will attack the first ranged enemy in the room. If there is no ranged one, he will attack the first enemy.

The sniper,  Mei Ling, commander of the SASCF (Special and Secret Chinese Forces), she was a fucking legend, with more than 200 successful missions. This survivor performs a headshot, dealing a brutal amount of damage.

O’ Connor is our terminator. When the entire world goes to hell, first thing you do is search for a leather jacket, a motorcycle and sunglasses. That ‘s what you do if you are this cool. His minigun shreds through tankier characters, but is less effective agains groups of enemies. O’ Connor concentrates fire of his minigun to a

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Dungeon Legends: Meet the pets

portada pets

Dungeon Legends has a lot of pets to discover, they are the perfect partner to our dwarf. Pets can be found in the store or you can get them in free daily packs. All pets increase our heros ‘ attributes and have a unique skill that will help our dwarfs in battle. Some of them will increase the strength of our characters, but others will drain the mana of your adversary.

Do you want to know more about some of the Dungeon Legends companions?

Poison Wings, our dragon, with a special power named «Foul Stench». The target of an attack suffers damage point/sec for x seconds. If your intelligence is a higher percentage than your opponent, the target’ s movement speed is reduced.

Storm, a monkey that has an amazing skill, «the Thunderstorm» , where every

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Heroes of Rings: Meet the Heroes

Meet the heroes

Heroes of Rings, as you may know, is a turn-based RPG driven by a compelling hero collection structure and unique battle system.

There are more than 45 heroes available, and we would like to introduce you some of these amazing heroes that you can play with. Each character is bounded to an element, which gives him

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Heroes of Rings, available on the App Store, and Google Play

Heroes of Rings

We are pleased to announce that our last game Heroes of Rings: Dragons War is now available worldwide on the App Store, and Google Play.

The game is being published worldwide by Kongregate, the leading cross-platform game publisher and web gaming destination.

Heroes of Rings: Dragons War starts players on an amazing 3D island,

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New Codigames’ Image

Since Codigames was born in 2013, we have been working to create new mobile game experiences. The codigames logo tried to represent this by showing different colors around a spiral, a way to show that our goal is to bring classic game experiences to new mobile devices.

This logo has represented Codigames from the

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Behind Zombie Faction: Meet the Survivors (3)

Some weeks ago, we introduced you a group of survivors in Zombie Faction. We walked about the nurse, the sheriff or the riot police among others. All this survivors has special skills and great stories

Today we want show you two special guys that arrived in the last verison of the game. They will

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Dungeon Legends

Chinese armor

We ‘re hoping that you enjoyed a lot the Chinese New Year! We want to celebrate this festivity with Dungeon Legends players and that’ s why we have created a new, and exclusive set.

This new set is called «Sun Tzu armor» , in honor of the great Chinese general, and philosopher. The items of this armor will help players to become the strongest dwarfs in the dungeons

In Dungeon Legends, you can fight with a lot of different

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Behind Zombie Faction: Meet the Survivors (2)

As you know, we introduced four Zombie Faction survivors a few days ago. Those characters have great abilities to fight against the zombies. However, there are more survivors in the game, and each one, as you may imagine, with a unique and powerful skill.

Today, we would like to talk about four new survivors

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Zombie Faction: The First Legendary Zombie

In Zombie Faction, besides fighting or rescuing other survivors, you have to face zombies.

The last version of the game introduced a new game mode, a PvE event called «busy night» . In this events, players have to defend themselves from the waves of zombies that will attack them. This is the first time they

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Behind Zombie Faction: Meet the Survivors

While playing Zombie Faction, you will find and rescue some survivors. They will join you during the adventure. This survivors have to defend themselves from other players. If you do not want to die in the attempt, the squad must be complete in order to win all the events and raids. Each survivor is unique,

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