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Idle Barber Shop Tycoon: Be the right hand of Mike Freshcut!

Mike’s barbershop has just opened! Ready to learn more about his life?

There’s a new business in town… A barbershop? Another one? Oh my… There are like 2,000 barbershops in this same street! But… You know what? We have a good feeling for this owner. He has a very interesting background, and we want to know more about him and his friends. We are looking for a business manager that could connect with this place. Someone ready to make the shop grow but, at the same time, able to listen to all the stories ready to be told within these walls. Will you join Idle Barber Shop Tycoon?

We are sure that you have previous experiences in making profitable other business empires like a hotel chain, or interplanetary supermarkets, for example… But this time will be different. You need to be closer to the clients this time! Enjoy the ride, listen to the clients, meet new people… Mike’s barbershop obviously needs a manager like you, but no stress welcome!

Help Mike and his sister expand the barbershop little by little, and see how Mike learns new hairstyles and beard trims. Heed the advice of a trusted customer, buy some furniture from an old friend… Or discover Mike’s love interest! Wow. It sounds like the dream job, right? Your mission? You should reinvest all the money to make the business profitable. Did we say «no stress»? Alright, no stress, but don’t forget about your duty here!

You will also be in charge of hiring new barbers when necessary. Go to the instant camera parties and meet qualified people for your working team. And guess what. They also have interesting stories to share!

One of the most grateful barbershop clients works for a technical support company, so he has developed a complete FAQ section to help you with this job. Visit it as many times as you need it!

Download Idle Barber Shop Tycoon for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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