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The Numbers Behind Infinity Space

Infinity Space

In March 6th 2013, we alunched Infinity Space. A year later, we could not be prouder of him. In 12 months, Infinity Space has reached 350,000 downloads, and more than 1.4 million games were played since its launch. The game is more popular among Android players than among iOS players. 70 percent of the installations were made by Android users. This first year left us some interesting numbers.

The Best Day of The Week

As you can see in the next graphic, the weekend is when players prefer to download our game. In fact, it is very usual, because the weekdend the people tend to visit the stores looking for new games to enjoy. No surprises here.

graf_downloads_day_weekThe weekend is not only the best moment to download games. It is also a good time to play games, of course. Again, it is obvious that the people plays more during the free days of the week.

Games per day of week A Galaxy of Android Devices

There are a lot of different Android devices out there, and many of them are built by Samsung. 47 percent of the devices where the game is installed came from the Korean company.

Device ManufacturersIf we see the top Android devices, we find four Samsung smartphones in the Top-5. The samsung Galaxy S III is, by far, the most popular device among the Infinity Space players.

Android DevicesLooking into the Android versions of the devices, Android 4.x is now in almost every device with the Google operating system. However, 13.4 percent of the devices are still using Android 2.3.

Android FirmwareGames per Region

The game is available all around the world. 37 percent of the sessions are from North American players. The game is also popular in Asia, specially in Japan.

Games played per region

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